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Hearing your project in 5.1 surround sound will warp your listeners' minds.  Guaranteed! 

Separate your music project from the rest of the herd by including a second disc with surround sound mixes that are playable on home theater setups. 

The Sound QuarryTM is one of the few Milwaukee recording studios to support surround mixing and authoring for music releases, film and video.  Because all of the basic mixing is already in place on our equipment, remixing for surround sound from a finished Sound QuarryTM stereo mix can be a quick and inexpensive process.  The cost of mastering, authoring and distributing your project can be very low.  Two exciting distribution formats that you may not have considered are the DTS-CD and the audio-DVD.  One’s cheap, one not so much.

The DTS-CD contains only music… in kickin’ 5.1 surround!  It plays on almost any surround system, and your Sound QuarryTM stereo mixes can be quickly remixed to surround and the DTS-CD authored right here.  It’s fast and inexpensive to assemble and as cheap to manufacture as a normal stereo CD.

If you have a larger budget, consider releasing a DVD-audio disc.  This format plays in DVD-audio compatible DVD players and provides crystal clear 5.1 surround audio.

A surround sound disc can be released separately for surround enthusiasts and audiophiles or as a second, value-added disc packaged with your standard stereo CD.