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Prepare to be blown away by the lowest hourly rate of any full service, pro studio on the planet!

Our philosophy is to provide access to a superb recording environment at prices that are affordable to musicians, not just corporations.  We attain this by spending money where it makes sense, not foolishly on vanity items that donít improve the final project.  All of our equipment is paid for.  New acquisitions are paid in full at the time of purchase, because interest on loans raises rates.  We donít pay rent.  As evidence of our careful fiscal policies, we could close for a month to go ice fishing (not that we would) and not lose a dime.  This allows us to do what we love to do, record great musicians playing great music and getting it out to the public.

Tracking, mixdown, mastering, encoding and authoring services are just $40.00 per hour, and that includes the engineer!

Thatís right, all services are just $40.00 per hour, and the engineer is included!

Get me a paper bag!  The Sound Quarry's rate is so low I'm hyperventilating!


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