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Dr. Kevin Clark at the Grand PianoGlen at the HelmListening to Playback

The Sound QuarryTM is a state of the art recording facility in its own dedicated space at the home of Glen Quarrie. At The Sound QuarryTM, a fully integrated production environment and a top engineer give you the flexibility and power to elevate your project to the highest musical standard.

Our flagship system is built around Steinberg's Nuendo software.  200+ audio tracks and huge quantities of digital editing power give engineer Glen Quarrie the power to track and refine your mixes to perfection.  Multiple CPUs, flying faders and flexible, individual headphone mixes make for efficient and fast tracking and mixing for the budget conscious. Vintage Ludwig Drums with Zildian Cymbals

Hey, but let's face it, anyone with a computer can make a CD these days. So why does The Sound QuarryTM produce superb releases, while the guy down the street cranks out a marginal product? He may be missing a few basic ingredients like: an experienced engineer with great ears, a huge collection of the worlds best mics, a pristine signal path, world class real instruments, state of the art monitoring in a tuned control room (a real biggy) and acoustically isolated tracking spaces. These things add up to not only a quality product, but efficiency, enabling you to work much faster, saving you money. Here are some of the details.

All Tube classic amps by Fender and Marshal A successful project requires an excellent engineer.  Glen Quarrie was a successful professional musician before he began his career as a recording engineer.  He brings his refined musical aesthetic to the table each time he sits down at the recording console.

Glen studied music at Indiana University, the nation's number 1 ranked music conservatory.  He has been a top-shelf working musician for 25 years and a busy recording engineer for 14.  A member of the music faculty at Carnegie Mellon University for over 20 years, Glen has taught saxophone, jazz improvisation, jazz history, chamber music, arranging and recording.

Glenís excellent ear and arranging skills can bring a new perspective to your music.  He will work to make you feel comfortable and creative in a relaxed atmosphere so your best performance will come through.  

Glenís toolbox includes solid state and tube preamps and analog to digital conversion by Presonus, Mackie, Art, Alesis and Aphex.  A cleaner signal path cannot be found anywhere!

These are the perfect complement to Glen's unequalled collection of modernOutboard
 Gear,Multitrack Tape Decks and Main Mixer and vintage mics.  His premium mics are by the likes of Senheizer, Neuman, Groove Tubes, B.L.U.E., AKG, Rode, Electro-Voice, CAD, Audio-Technica, Oktava and Shure Brothers.  Since all microphones impart some color to the voice or instrument that they are recording, a great sound means finding the right mic for your instrument or voice.  At The Sound QuarryTM, having lots of choices facilitates making the final product sound open and live, like the listener is in the room with the musicians.

A carefully tuned control room with state-of-the-art, accurate monitoring for both stereo and 5.1 surround sound lets you hear the tiniest details of your project as it is mixed to perfection.  A large tracking room and acoustically isolated tracking zones yield a great sound and give you the flexibility to record comfortably and efficiently.

How many Some of Our Dozens of Top Quality Studio Mics budget-priced studios can boast a beautiful sounding full sized grand piano? Lovingly restored by Brian Baily, piano technician for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, ours adds a lush, full sound to recordings that no digital piano can. Click here to listen for yourself. "Blame It On My Youth" is a solo jazz piano piece performed by Craig Davis. "You Gotta Be" is a pop songCurrent and Vintage Synths and Synth Modules performed by Groove Merchant. "Kristina Speaks" is combo jazz performed by the Glen Quarrie Quar-tet with a piano solo by Kevin Clark.

The Hammond B-3 organ has been out of production for over 30 years.  Although it an is increasingly rare instrument, more than ever, it is a staple on many of the rock, jazz, blues, pop and country recordings that are produced today.  The Sound QuarryTM has a beautifuly well preserved Hammond that is at your disposal!  It doesnít get any better than this!

Want more?  Multiple modern and classic synth engines at The Sound QuarryTM can supplement your own synth sounds, or you may just want to leave yours at home.  Our vintage Ludwig drum kit has been custom prepared for studio recording by Pittsburgh drum guru, Tom Laflame.  A collection of all-tube and solid state classic amps by Fender and Marshal sound like the real thing because they are the real thing.  Our assortment of African and hand percussion instruments has often provided inspiration for those mixes that need a little something extra.

Want to record on location?  Can do!  Glen can capture your sound on portable, high-definition, digital, multitrack decks and bring the tracks back to the studio for mixdown.

Itís all about the musicians and their music here at The Sound QuarryTM, where you wonít find big egos telling you how your music should sound, just big ears, ready to listen and help bring your vision to life.